Finding Cheap Car Insurance For Vintage Drivers

Antique Classic Car Insurance and The Classic Car Owner Recent years have seen an increasing unwillingness on the part of insurers to stray from your 'norm' in terms of auto insurance. Higher risk drivers such as young drivers are finding it increasingly hard to find competitive cover as well as for those trying to find classic automobile insurance the duty can feel Herculean. The most common vehicles with this kind of insurance are antiques and classics. Typically a car is classified as antique when it's 25 years or so old or more, and a classic when it's 15 to twenty five years old. Categories expand to feature Hot rods and street rods, muscle cars, sports and exotics, modified vehicles, kit or replicas, low rider cars / trucks as well as other less common vehicles. The criteria that needs to be met may vary from one company to another, however they will all want to know the age of the driver, the mileage for the car, how the car is housed when it is not being used and the age of the car. There are specialized classic car insurance firms classic car insurance with no claims bonus that will take care of drivers 21 years or older, but many companies require the driving force being over 25 years or so. If you car is well protected from thieves or weather, it possesses a better potential for getting lower premiums. The 1960's and 70's saw the creation of 2 door coupes that belongs inside muscle car genre - Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Shelby Mustang GT are common popular models with enthusiasts on both sides in the Atlantic. And the fact that muscle cars sport expensive custom paint jobs, big, powerful engines and left-hand drive configuration - making each one of these a distinctive, all-American classic - motor insurance deals inside UK is probably not something the average, everyday motorist can afford! Keep this in mind when looking: likely, you will need to match with certain criteria before you obtain classic insurance for the car. Here are some of the very most common: you frequently should be no less than 25 years or so of age, have a minimum of ten years of driving experience, as well as a great driving record.